Guides and Staff

Tim Linehan
Fly Fishing and Hunting

Tim is the owner and outfitter of LOC but above all still considers himself a guide and consistently spends 150 plus days a year on the water and in the woods with guests. He’s noted for his patience, his experience, and his unwavering enthusiasm.

Sean McAfee

Fly Fishing and Hunting

Sean grew up here in the Yaak valley, went to the Yaak one room school house through grade 8, Troy highschool after that and graduated from Montana State. Sean has been an LOC guide since the minute he turned eighteen years old and he’s never looked back. Nobody knows the lay of the land around here better than he does. He’s a natural and this business is literally in his blood due to the fact that his folks owned and operated McAfee Outfitting and Lodge for most of his young life. He’s a people person, very kind, intuitive beyond belief regarding the habits of fish and game, and one of the finest outdoorsmen you’ll ever meet. You’ll notice his smile and professional demeanor immediately upon meeting him.

Steve Shaw
Fly Fishing

Steve is an extraordinarily gifted instructor and has been in that role for most of his adult life. He splits his time between Sandpoint, Idaho and the powder of Schweitzer Mountain Resort in the winter and Libby, MT and the running water of the Kootenai in the summer. As comfortable and skilled on skis as he is with a fly rod, Steve will make you a better angler. He’s patient, soft spoken, encouraging and will not let the day get away without you catching at least a few fish on a dry fly.

Jeff P.Jeff Pavlovich
Fly Fishing

Many years ago Jeff hosted a trip here to LOC as manager of the Yorktown, IL Orvis store. A couple weeks after he left he called and wondered if we needed another guide. Next thing you know he quit his job with Orvis and moved out here. Just like that. Orvis’ loss and clearly LOC’s gain. Needless to say he really wanted to change his life. Jeff is smooth on the oars, a great instructor, great fly tyer, bona fide bug nut, and relies on each day’s success for his steady, optimistic outlook.

Travis Lee
Fly Fishing

When he’s not helping his lovely wife Amy raising their four beautiful children, Travis is either on the water or in the woods. He’s an unbelievable caster, rows hard and steady all day, and never, ever gives up regardless of the circumstances. If the day is tough and the fish are tight, Travis is the guy with a bucket full of patterns next to him. He’s constantly making adjustments, reassessing the conditions, and often by sheer will alone gets people into fish on the most difficult of days.

Sam Stevenson

Fly Fishing

Sam is one of the greatest instructors you’ll ever meet.  During the off season he is a personal trainer and an extraordinarily gifted coach and instructor.  Sam’s desire to see people improve and succeed is inherent.  If he’s not on the water, he’s hunched over the vice tying flies for his next trip.  Sam is a strong oarsman and loves nothing more than being on the water.



Monti Moniz

Fly Fishing

Monti has been fly fishing most of his life and has been guiding for 20 years. His favorite part of the job is seeing people, especially young people, catch their first fish on a fly rod.  He is a gifted teacher, his laugh and enthusiasm are infectious, and he is always optimistic in his daily efforts to get into fish.  Monti loves dry fly fishing with big bugs and will throw at any species including pike and bass.

Johnny Pares

Fly Fishing

Johnny shows up every day ready for an adventure. He’s especially unassuming, full of energy and enthusiasm and ultimately one of the fishiest guides in the industry. No doubt, Johnny will figure it out and get you into fish. He relies on knowledge gained from trail and error, many hours on the water, and natural instinct. He’s kind and a wonderful companion and currently divides his time between LOC and managing Casa Blanca/Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Resort in Mexico.


Rita Rose AdamsRita Rose Adams
Fly Fishing

Rita has been guiding since she was a young woman and hails from New Mexico where she worked for her dad for many years. Rita is a fanatic. If she’s not working, she’s fishing. She’s completely devoted to the sport, also an excellent instructor, strong on the oars, has a keen eye for rising fish, reads like a banshee, and is a great companion. With Johnny, Rita also divides her time between here and Mexico as manager of the Casa Blanca/Playa Blanca Fly Fishing Resort.


Ben also grew up here in the Yaak, went to one room school house with Sean and knows the lay of the land due to the fact that he’s been running around in it since he was a boy. Ben is happiest when he’s hunting and feels no greater joy than when his client has knocked down a trophy whitetail. The consummate team player, Ben lives in the moment when he’s guiding, knows the flora and fauna, and will educate you to the sights, sounds and smells of the area throughout the day.

Jeremy Smith

A builder of log homes, a fine musician by trade, and also a Yaak resident, Jeremy is happiest in the woods and one of the most dogged guides in the industry. He’ll log the miles and knows the country as well as anyone. His instincts for game movement are uncanny and he’s sees game better than most. He’s keen, solid in the woods under any circumstances, and absolutely loves to spend time in the field chasing whitetails and elk with clients. Jeremy gets it done and consistently has success.