Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report 4-24-2013

Flows:  1300 cfs in Missoula

Water temperatures:  42-47 degrees

Best time of day:  12:00 pm-6:00 pm

Hatches:  skwala stoneflies, March browns, gray drakes, blue winged olives

Patterns:  Pat’s stonefly, bh pheasant tail nymph, Parachute March brown, parachute Adams, purple haze, March brown emerger, gray drake emerger


Bitterroot conditions are still great and will continue through the weekend.  Nymphing will always carry the day and dry fly action has been solid in the afternoons.  Look for rising fish near the banks and in the wood and be ready to lose some gear.  If you’re not clipping brush you’re not close enough.  Spring conditions have never been better!


Blackfoot River!

Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report 4/17/2013

Flows:  1850 in Missoula

Water temperatures:  approximately 40

Hatches:  blue winged olives, March browns, skwala stoneflies, gray drakes Best time of day:  afternoons

Patterns:  Pat’stonefly nymph,  double bh stonefly, bh prince nymph, bh pheasant tail nymph, parachute March brown, parachute Adams, bullet head skwala, big ugly skwala, gray drake sparkle dun, March brown sparkle dun, March brown cripple, olive hackle stacker


Cold is the name of the game on the Bitterroot at the moment.  It’s windy and feels more like January than April but water conditions are good.  Runoff is locked up solid and the river continues to drop a bit each day and is perfectly clear.  Mornings are slow but if you can stand the chilly temps and wind, there are fish to be had in the afternoons.  Dry fly action has been condensed to a short window in the afternoons during pulses of March brown and blue winged olive hatches.  Nymphing will move fish in deeper runs and foam buckets ad streamers will always pull a few big brow dogs off the porch.  Warmer temps are expected early next week.  Meantime, layer up and bring a shot of brandy for lunch.Tom T.

Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report 4-7-2013

flows near Missoula:  3300cfs

flows at Bell Crossing:  1900cfs

flows near Darby:  937cfs

water temperatures:  approximately 45 degrees

hatches:  skwala stoneflies, March browns, blue winged olives, gray drakes

best time of day:  late morning/afternoon

patterns:  sj worm, Pat’s stonefly, bh prince, bh pheasant tail, bh copper john, March brown sparkle dun, olive sparkle dun, olive hackle stacker, bullet head skwala, black stimulator skwala, black and white bunnies

Flows have bumped up steadily over the last few days due to rain but the river is still fishing and condtions and water clarity will obviously be better improve as you move upstream.  Nymping has been solid.  Dry fly action has slowed a bit but expect conditions to improve as the week progresses.  Expect a cool, drying trend through the early part of the week.  With cooler days and nights flows should stabilize and drop.  Bug activity could improve again and with it, good dry fly action again.

Linehan Outfitting Company on the Bitterroot River in MOntana
LOC guest Tom U. with Bitterroot brown dog


Bitterroot River Montana Fishing Report

Bitterroot flows are 3790 cfs and visibility is 2-3 feet. Weather is perfect- gray, overcast, and no wind!  Good dry fly action during mid-day on skwalas.  Good hatches of ameletus gray drakes. Fish a big parachute adams and solid nymphing during off hatch times with skwala nymphs and pheasant tails, size 14 and 12.

Tom U. with a Bitterroot Brown with Linehan Outfitting Company