The latest Clark Fork Fishing report with current water conditions, hatches, best times and more. We spend part of the season guiding on the Clark Fork River when the fishing is at its best and report on it while we are there so you get up to date fishing conditions. The following are the latest Clark Fork River fishing reports, and you can browse our archives to get an idea what the fishing was like in previous years during certain times. If you have any questions, or see something more you would like to see in our fishing report, contact us. Thanks for stopping by!

Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report 9-13-2013

Flows At St. Regis:  3050cfs

Water Temperature:  approximately 55 degrees

Best Time Of Day:  This time of year the river is fishing pretty well all day.

Hatches:  hecubas, baetis, brown drakes, hoppers, October caddis

Patterns:  parachute Adams, purple haze, yellow haze, parachute hopper, royal wulff, royal trude, stimulator, bh pheasant tail, bh prince, bh copper john, tan sparkle dun

The Clark Fork is back in play again what with fall settling in and good conditions.  Water temps are steady and now in the middle 50’s.  Fish are looking up again in earnest and eating consistently.

Depending on conditions expect hecuba mayflies (big fall pmd), baetis, October caddis and hoppers.  Look for fish in faster water and what with good water temps again starting to move into more runs.  Buckets and mid-river drop-offs are also holding fish.  Hoppers and droppers will play all day in 2-6 feet of walking speed current.

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LOC guests Tom and Sue U. with pair of perfect Clark Fork rainbows!

LOC guests Tom and Sue U. with pair of perfect Clark Fork rainbows!

Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report 4-24-2013

Flows: approximately 3800 cfs near Missoula Water temperatures:  43-47 degrees.  Best time of day:  12:00 pm-5:00 pm

Hatches:  March browns, gray drakes, blue winged olives

Patterns:  purple haze, parachute Adams, gray drake emergers, Pat’stonefly, bh pheasant tail, skwala stonefly.


River conditions are great and it’s fishing well.  Expect mornings to be a bit slow and generally all about nymphing.  Afternoons offer fantastic dry fly action as soon as bugs start to hatch.  Weather is expected to remain stable through the end of the week so great fishing should continue as well.


Clark Fork River beauty!

Clark Fork River beauty!


Lower Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report 4/17/2013

Flows:  7160 in St. Regis

Water temperatures:  approximately 45 degrees Best time of day:  afternoons

Hatches:  skwala stoneflies, March browns, gray drakes, blue winged olives.

Patterns:  pat’s stonefly nymph, double bead stonefly nymph, bh pheasant tail nymph, parachute Adams, purple haze , bullet head skwala, hellboy skwala, March brown sparkle dun


The lower Clark Fork is in great shape and fishing pretty well.  It’s cold out but flows are great and dry fly action has been steady in the afternoons.  Fish are looking up and eating skwala patterns.  March browns are coming off int the afternoons and nymphing has been good in deeper runs and boulder gardens.  Water temps are a bit warmer down in the St. Regis section and bugs and fish and especially anglers notice the difference.  Be sure to dress for the cold but there is some good fishing to be had!

Clark Fork River

Clark Fork River


Lower Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report 4-7-2013

flow at St. Regis:  10,600cfs

water temps:  approximately 44 degrees

hatches:  skwala stonefly, March browns, gray drakes, blue winged olives

best time of day:  afternoon/evening

patterns:  Pat’s stonefly nymph, bh prince, bh pheasant tail, bh copper john, parachute Adams, purple haze, March brown sparkle dun, olive sparkle dun, bullet head skwala, rasta skwala

Flows have bumped up steadily over the last 72 hours due to rain.  Water clarity is fair with visibility about 12-14 inches.  Situation should improve quickly in the next couple days.  Expect a cool, drying trend and gray skies through the early part of the week.  Once the water clears up a bit, good hatches of bugs should follow and potentially some great dry fly action.  For now, if you’re going to give it shot, stick with nymphing for the most part and stick with the dynamic duo of a Pat’s stone and orange sj worm.

Tim Linehan of Linehan Outfitting Company on the lower Clark Fork River

Hooked up on the lower Clark Fork River

Lower Clark Fork River Fishing Report 4-4-2013

flow:  7000cfs

water temperature:  approximately 45 degrees

hatches:  skwala stoneflies, March browns, blue winged olives, gray drakes

best time of day:  afternoon

patterns:  Pat’s stonefly, skwala nymphs, bh prince nymph, bh pheasant tail, bullet head skwala, March brown sparkle dun, parachute Adams, purple haze

Warm daytime temps have the river rising and flows have increased 2000cfs over the last 72 hours.  Water clarity is stained but visibilty is still about 24 inches.  Bug activity has been great with skwalas flying, March browns hatching and fish on top if there’s cloud cover.  Generally speaking conditions are still favorable.  It looks like a front is moving into the area bringing potential rain toward the weekend.  Stay tuned…showers and cooler temps would not be an issue and might actually help.  But big rain could blow things out for a day or two? 

Montana Fly Company sales director Jake Chutz with Linehan Outfitting Company

Montana Fly Company’s Jake Chutz with Linehan Outfitting Company onthe Clark Fork River



Clark Fork River Montana

The lower Clark Fork around St. Regis is in great shape and fishing well!  Flows are presently approximately 7000cfs, the river is fresh, and so are the fish.  Big bugs and droppers are still the name of the game.  Yesterday the LOC crew had a great day and size 8 Kootenai Hellboy hoppers with size 14 pheasant tail droppers moved lots of fish in the morning.  Heavy downpours put the fish off for a while before lunch but big, red Tarantulas moved a lot of fish in the afternoon.  Pmds and caddis are popping sporadically but fish are still looking for big bites at least for now.

LOC guests Alan P. and Roy G. on the Clark Fork with a nice pair!

Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report

The lower river down by St. Regis is still in very fishable shape.  Present flows are around 5800, up slightly from yesterday due to showers and some sunshine upstream.  Today could be a bit brighter with calm winds.  Nymphing is still best bet and the dynamic duo featuring a big prince followed by a big worm is providing consistent action.  Midge are making a move here and there and from time to time you can find a nose to cast to.  All in all not a bad day to give it a shot.

Linehan Outfitting Co./Clark Fork rainbow

Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report

Flows are hovering around 5600cfs and water temp is about 40 degrees and the clarity is plenty good at the moment.  Nymphing is still pretty much the best bet with big prince and worms always moving fish this time of year.  Midge are popping from time to time and will bring a few noses to surface but March browns, skwalas and amoletus brown drakes are still a couple weeks away.  But all in all the river is very fishable and the spring season is upon us!

Linehan Outfitting Co/Clark Fork river rainbow

Clark Fork River Montana Fishing Report

Presently the Clark Fork river is averaging approximately 4660 cfs and is generally in good shape.  Water clarity is decent and the spring season is officially underway.  LOC is currently booking trips for the late March-April spring fling.  This should be a great and consistent early season since there’s minor amounts of low elevation snow.  For now, it’s pretty much  a stillnymphing game with pheasant tails, zebra midge, prince nymphs and the worm all in play.  Good hatches of baetis, march browns, ameletus drakes, and skwalas are right around the corner.  Stay tuned.

Clark Fork gray drake


Montana Fishing Report: Clark Fork River

The lower Clark Fork near St. Regis is still high but the downward trend has really begun.  Current flows are approximately 28,000cfs and water is still off color.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed and while the fishing is still another week or ten days away, we’re guessing it’s going to rock by the third week of the month.  Stay tuned for more updates and give us a call.  It’s getting closer…

Clark Fork River Rainbow