Dry Fly Fishing-Kootenai River Montana Fishing Report 7-4-2017

This Kootenai River fishing report is brought to you by Linehan Outfitting Company and provides current Kootenai River and fishing conditions. It will be updated frequently or as conditions change. We have guides available and we’re the local source for all things surrounding the Kootenai River.  Give a call anytime if you have any questions about the Kootenai River or anything about Montana fly fishing or fly fishing in general.

Discharge from Libby Dam: the Present discharge from Libby Dam is 11,000cfs.

In-flow from Lake Koocanusa: 27,000 cfs

Water temperature below Libby Dam: 52 degrees

Best Time of day: afternoon

Hatches: caddis, pmd mayflies, crane flies, midge

Patterns: elk hair caddis, caddis emerger, ascending caddis, supa pupa, royal wulff, parachute Adams, purple haze, yellow haze, chubby, bubble back nymph, quasi moto nymph, rubber legged stonefly nymph, San Juan worm, bh prince, bh hare’s ear, tung head pheasant tail, bunny patterns, circus peanut, parachute Adams, purple haze, stimulator

Happy 4th of July.  We’re hitting our stride here on the Kootenai River and water conditions could not be better.  Kootenai River flows are currently at 11,000 cfs and the River is in great  shape.  Water clarity is good and there’s still a hint of glacial milk color to the River which we actually like.  Soon enough the Kootenai River will become fin clear so it’s nice for now to enjoy early season water conditions.

Action has been getting better by the day but it’s still early and water temperatures are chilly but warming by the day.  If you’re wet wading expect an ice cream headache for the first few minutes as you acclimate to early season conditions.

Caddis have become very active the last few days largely due to warm, sunny days.  Pmds are popping as well later in the afternoon as well and dry fly action is picking up.  Top water action is not on fire yet but getting better by the day.  We really need water temperatures to enter the high 50s and low 60s in order to get trout metabolisms in gear.  They’re eating, but just not focused on seriously looking up yet.  When will they decide to eat on top?  Any day.  Stay tuned and stay dry.

Nymphing has been steady throughout the day and trout are starting to settle into summer runs.  The Kootenai River is still coming into shape so some runs are full of fish and others are the Miller Lite runs.  They taste great but are less filling.  That’s to say you think and know they should be full of fish but actually aren’t, yet.  Fear not.  In the coming days boulder gardens, riffles, and runs will fill in with hungry trout.  The times they are a changin.

All stretches of the Kootenai River are in good shape.  Keep in mind the farther you go downstream, the warmer the water temperatures will be which may mean more active fish.

It’s all coming together nicely here and conditions and fishing are heating up daily.  Literally.  Expect high sunshine and daytime temperatures in the high 90s fo the next seven to ten days.  Yup.  Going to be hot.  And that’s not necessarily bad since we’re looking for help to raise water temperatures.

And speaking of hot, the Boston Red Sox are currently on fire and leading the American League East in first place!  Young guns are smoking and pitching has been super solid.  Heading into the All Star break this is as good as it gets for Sox Nation.

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Awesome shot by LOC guide Sam S. releasing a Kootenai River rainbow.