Lakes & Ponds

Lakes and Ponds

June through November

Rainbow Trout, Westlope Cutthroats

Average Size On Average Day:
8-12 inches

Tackle Suggestions:
9ft, three or four weight medium action fly rod

There are numerous lower elevation and alpine lakes in the area that offer unique angling opportunities as well. Surrounded by stunning alpine scenery and thousand foot shale cliffs, the alpine lakes are breathtakingly beautiful. Float-tubing is the name of the game on most still waters but occasionally we’ll fish from a drift boat for cruising bruisers if conditions allow.

These waters are relatively remote, and offer a peaceful alternative to the hustle of moving water. So often in the west we get particularly focused on moving water like rivers and streams. But fishing stillwater can be just as challenging and offer as many interesting hatch scenarios as any river or stream. Fish can be suspended or down deep. They can key on emergers near the surface or be sipping dry flies off the top. Whatever the case may be, a day in a float tube offers a different point of view. Requests for Mason jars full of ice and Margaritas are often heard when fishing from float tubes.

Lakes and PondsLakes and Ponds