Black Bear Hunts

Bear Hunt

Spring Season:
Mid-April through mid-May

Fall Season:
Archery – September 1 through September 14
Rifle – September 15 through November 25

Suggested Calibers:

  • 270
  • 30-06
  • 7mm mag
  • 300

We offer both spring and fall black bear hunts. This northwest corner of the state has a great black bear population and they have many different color phases ranging from jet black to cinnamon to chocolate and even mixed varieties of all colors. All bear hunts are 100% fair chase which means no baiting and no running with dogs.

The bears we harvest range from five to six and half feet from nose to tail and weigh an average of 200-350 lbs.

Spring bear hunts are most popular and we like to hit the ground and put in the miles. We use all methods of traditional spot and stalk techniques and generally this time of year the bears are found at lower elevations. Upon leaving their dens they make for grass and clover which is their primary food source early in the year. This makes tracking sign a little easier since often times it puts them on logging roads, open meadows, and logged areas.

Fall bear hunts are also spot and stalk but we concentrate our efforts near huge patches of huckleberries for obvious reason. In the fall the bears are really covering ground as they bulk up their body weight for the oncoming winter.

Bear HuntBlack Bear Hunting