Rifle Elk Hunts

Rifle Hunting

End of October through End of November

Northwest corner of Montana

Suggested Calibers:

  • 270 mag
  • 280
  • 7mm mag
  • 30-06
  • 300

This area of Montana has good populations of elk. Instead of huge herds of animals, this area has small bands averaging 6-12 animals. These elk do not migrate but basically just live and travel a few miles from the ridges to valley floor and back again each day. This is dense timber and we hunt our elk more or less like we hunt our trophy whitetails. We like to hoof it and you can expect to cover a fair number of miles each day. Typically if you’re concentrating on elk, we’ll start hiking an hour before daylight and head for the top of the ridges or the head of the drainages. Elk like security and generally that means they’re not going to be close the roads or hanging around the creek bottoms.

Early in the season (last week of October) it’s not uncommon to find bulls still traveling with cows. Bugling and especially cow calling can still be effective this time of year. But as the season progresses, bulls will become increasingly independent and concentrate exclusively on feeding, resting, and recovering from the rigors of the rut. At this point it’s all about putting in the miles, finding an animal to work with and doggedly chasing him until you get a shot.

We encourage all our guests to purchase the deer/elk big game combination tag. That way you can concentrate on the animal of your choice, but not pass up a shot at the other species. Keep in mind in this area deer and elk are found in essentially the same area.
Rifle Elk HuntsRifle Elk Hunts