Wolf Hunts

Late October-March 15

Northwest corner of Montana

One of the greatest things about living in Montana is the hunting opportunities that the state offers. LOC is thrilled to now offer Montana wolf hunts as part of our big game operation. We are not overrun with wolves like other areas of the west but they are here, they are hunt-able, and they are a magnificent trophy and wolf hunting in Montana is a tremendous hunting adventure.

If you’re here for a deer/elk hunt, we encourage you to buy a wolf tag over the counter. This way, if you run into a wolf while during your trophy whitetail hunt or while climbing the ridge looking for elk, you can take a shot.

Wolf hunting in Montana is all about calling. Wolves are gregarious and respond very well to calling. Typically we’ll cover ground, howling often, in hopes of locating a pack or a solo animal. Once we locate animals, we’ll set up, continue howling, and hope they are curious enough to come closer believing there’s a stranger in their territory. Or, we will often employ predator calls since generally they will not pass up an easy meal and if nothing else, if they hear what they believe is a distressed deer, they will come looking.

LOC wolf hunting trips are offered from mid-December through March 15. Give us call now and book your Montana wolf hunt.

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