Tim Linehan on Montana's Kootenai River

This Kootenai River Montana fishing report is being brought to you by Orvis Endorsed Linehan Outfitting.  This report will be updated weekly to provide current conditions, weather, hatches, patterns, and flows to our local waters and across the state.

Flows from Libby Dam: 9000 cfs

In-Flow To Lake Koocanusa:  8000 cfs

Water temperature at Libby Dam: 57 degrees

Hatches: midge, pmds, caddis, hoppers, ants, beetles, nocturnal stoneflies

patterns:  zebra midge, parachute Adams, parachute pmd, Rosenbauer's olive rabbit foot emerger, purple haze, purple chubby, red chubby, olive sparkle dun,bh prince, soft SJ worm, bh pheasant tail, bh rubber legged stonefly, big streamers in white, pink and olive, circus peanut, black conehead buggers, hoppers, ants, elk hair caddis, Bloom's caddis, perdigons, Uke's Pressure Drop, water walkers, hoppers, hard bodied ants, para-ants

The Kootenai River is in excellent shape and fishing extremely well.  Linehan Outfitting guests are bending rods and smiling and we could not be happier with the water conditions so far this season.  We're hoping flows from Libby Dam will remain at 9000 cfs for September but it's more likely flows will drop for the fall as inflows to Lake Koocanusa are dropping rapidly this time of year.  We're guessing we'll see a reduction in flows from 9000 cfs to 7000 cfs sometime after Labor Day is actually pretty typical.  Regardless, fall fishing will be great.

Water temps are now high 50's and in that perfect zone.  It's all about dry fly fishing now, folks.  And that's what we love most.  It's hopper season and has been for the last two weeks.  Dry fly fishing is off the charts on some days and perfectly steady on other days.  Hopper/dropper will carry the day with no problems.  Sizes 14-10 foam bugs are in play and don't forget real materials are always good too.  Never leave home without a parachute hopper this time of year.  Ants are favorite dropper right now.  Hang a hard bodied ant off the hopper and have a great day.

All sections of the Kootenai River are fishing well.

Nymphing is still super solid if you really want to put up some numbers and go that route.  Since fish are now actively feeding most of the day short leashing is best bet.  Two tungsten perdigons three to four feet from a baby bobber and you'll be good in the fast water all day.  And make sure one of the bugs is a caddis of some sort especially riffles.

 fStreamer fishing is also productive this time of year.  It's certainly day to day but earlier this week I had an all time great day fishing streamers in spite of bright sunshine.  It sure surprised me and it sure was fun.

In Boston Red Sox news the bum need to start stepping things up.  It's still mathematically possible to make the playoffs with a wild card bid but even this die hard fan has to admit it ain't looking good.  Unfortunately we've been plagued by injuries this season.  Fingers crossed and Go Sox!

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