The beauty of our location in northwest Montana reminds daily of how lucky we are. The valleys that we call home are surrounded by stunning alpine scenery festooned with thousand-foot shale cliffs. There are numerous small alpine lakes tucked in among such heights, and in these remote and breathtaking bodies of water there is some spectacular fishing. Anglers who seek some still-water action while visiting Linehan Outfitting are in for a treat: lake and pond days are filled with far and fine casts and sipping takes. Float-tubing is the name of the game on most of our still-waters, but occasionally we’ll haul in a drift boat to target cruising bruisers if conditions allow.


June through November


Rainbow Trout, Westlope Cutthroats


 8-12 inches


 9ft, Three or Four Weight Medium Action Fly Rod


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In our home fishery there are numerous lower-elevation and alpine lakes and ponds that offer a unique angling opportunity. The alpine lakes are particularly awe-inspiring, what with their high-elevation scenery and surrounding shale cliffs. Though float-tubing is the name of the game on most of our still-waters, we have been known to fish from a drift boat for cruising bruisers when conditions allow.

These lakes and ponds are remote and quiet; they offer a peaceful alternative to the activity of fishing moving water. So often in the West anglers and outfitters alike get overly focused on covering water and playing the volume game, passing frantically through miles of river in the course of a given day. Though river fishing from a drift boat is productive, it can be fast and furious. Fishing still-water is a quieter and more meditative, and it can be nearly as productive. Additionally, our lakes and ponds do not give up their secrets easily: those anglers who love a challenge will be thrilled to pick apart the many interesting hatch scenarios that our still-waters present. On these lakes and ponds the trout can be suspended or down deep; they can key on emergers near the surface or sip dry flies off the top. Whatever their attitude, a day in the float tube on a remote alpine lake affords a different perspective… a moment to breathe in the beauty of this place, and an opportunity to lay out a long and graceful line. Requests for Mason jars of icy Margaritas are easily accommodated and encouraged when fishing from float tubes on our glorious alpine lakes and ponds.


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