Blog: Montana Wolf Hunting Tips

wolf in water
The Montana wolf hunting season is full swing right now and conditions have been terrific here in the northwest corner of the state.  Daytime temperatures have been particularly mild this

Blog: Montana Wolf Hunting

howling wolf
Montana wolf hunting usually means more opportunities during early morning hours and late afternoon.  Like most game animals, wolves much prefer to be nocturnal.  They spend a good portion of

Blog: Dead Drifting Streamers

man fishing in river
Streamer fishing is a very effective way to create opportunities during winter months.  There are many streamer techniques and dead drifting streamers with an indicator can be particularly productive depending

Blog: Montana Spring Fishing

Joanna with rainbow
Spring fishing here in Montana can be terrific.  Below find 3 tips on better fishing success. During late March and April and before snow melt really starts Montana rivers can
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