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Tim Linehan

With his wife Joanne, Tim is the co-owner and outfitter of Linehan Outfitting.  Above all he still considers himself a guide.  He'd been guiding for over half his life and consistently spends 150 plus days a year fishing and hunting with guests.  He is noted for his patience, his experience and his unwavering enthusiasm.

Linehan Outfitting hunting guide Sean McAfee with dandy Shiras bull moose

Sean McAfee

Sean grew up here in the Yaak valley and went to the Yaak one room school house through grade 8. He then attended Troy High School before graduating from Montana State University. Sean has been a Linehan Outfitting guide since the minute he turned eighteen years old and he’s never looked back. Nobody knows the lay of the land around here better than he does. He’s a natural and this business is literally in his blood due to the fact that his folks owned and operated McAfee Outfitting and Lodge for most of his young life. Sean is a people person, very kind, intuitive beyond belief regarding the habits of fish and game, and one of the finest outdoorsmen you’ll ever meet. You’ll notice his smile and professional demeanor immediately upon meeting him.

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Steve Shaw

Steve is an extraordinarily gifted fly fishing instructor and has been in that role for most of his adult life.  He is our longest tenured guide and we've been fortunate to have him for the twenty-eight years.  He's gregarious, easy going, absolutely loves the sport and by nature is a teacher and coach who thrives on seeing people make gains throughout the day.  When Steve's not working, he's fishing.  His passion for fly fishing and the Kootenai River is runs through his soul and is literally the essence of his personality.  Steve lives with his wife Cheryl in Libby, Montana with a view of the Kootenai River out his picture window. 

jeff pavlovich

Jeff Pavlovich

Jeff guides fly fishing trips for us in the spring on the Bitterroot and Missouri Rivers.  Jeff was a client when we first met him and hosted an Orvis trip to the Kootenai River while managing an Orvis store outside of Chicago.  Shortly after he returned home, he called and wondered about guiding in Montana.  Ten days later he left Chicago and has been guiding for fifteen years.  He's a great instructor, super fishy, and guides across much of the state during his season.  Jeff is a consummate professional, consistently upbeat, and always organized.  He's well equipped to roll with whatever the days brings and will make you a better angler by the end of the day.  When Jeff isn't fishing, he's hunting.  When he's not hunting, he's fishing. He lives in Livingston, Montana with his wife Chris and their dogs.

Linehan Outfitting guide Sam Stevenson | Fly Fishing Guide in Montana

Sam Stevenson

Sam moved from Colorado and has been one of our fly fishing guides for over ten years.  He is literally calm, cool and collected.  By nature he's a great coach and instructor and has a natural ability to impart knowledge in a concise, easy to understand way.  Sam is also a particularly experienced fly tyer.  He spins new patterns each year and some of them are tried and true Kootenai River patterns we use every day.  His organized fly boxes are a thing of beauty and his desire to see people improve and succeed is inherent.  If he’s not on the water, he’s hunched over the vice tying flies for his next trip.  Sam is a strong oarsman and loves nothing more than being on the water.  He lives in Libby, Montana with his English setter Abbey. 

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Monti Moniz

Monti has been fly fishing most of his life and has been guiding on the Kootenai River for over twenty years. His favorite part of the job is seeing people, especially young people, catch their first fish on a fly rod.  He is a gifted teacher, his laugh and enthusiasm are infectious, and he is always optimistic in his daily efforts to get into fish.  Monti loves dry fly fishing with big bugs and will throw at any species including pike and bass.  Monti lives in Libby, Montana with his wife Casey and their family including grown children and grand children that keep him busy when he's not on the water.

Linehan Outfitting guide Lucas Jones | Fly Fishing Guide in Montana

Lucas Jones

Lucas Jones was born in Troy and started fly fishing the Kootenai River when he was 10 years old.  By the ripe old age of 14 he was tying fully dressed salmon flies.  To say he's an obsessive and outstanding tier is an understatement.  He put himself through college at the University of Montana in Missoula by working at a local fly shop.  After graduating he continued to work at the shop until he decided to return to Troy.  He's been guiding for us since he graduated for the last six years.  His smile and enthusiasm are infectious and he's happy to be on the Kootenai is his driftboat or hiking up a small stream in search of native cutthroats.  Lucas is also an avid waterfowl hunter gets just as excited when he sees ducks as he does when his guests catch fish.  He lives in Troy, Montana with his wife Mara, daughter Jenny and dogs.

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Jonny Cielak

Jonny Cielak was born and raised on the banks of the Kootenai River and fly fishing and oaring a drift boat since he was literally a kid.  Jonny graduated from the University of Providence in Great Falls, Montana some years ago, returned to Libby, and has been guiding for us for the last four years.  The first thing you'll notice about him is his laid back style.  Jonny's experience is already varied and when he's not guiding, he's fishing.  He spends his days off seeking knowledge about the river, and checking out new waters to show guests.  If you can't find him on the river try the golf course.  He's pretty good at that too.  And oh yeah.  He's a fanatical hunter as well both with a bow and rifle.  Jonny lives in Libby during the season and generally somewhere else where he can play golf during the off season. 

Linehan Outfitting guide Seth Moore | Fly Fishing Guide in Montana

Seth Moore

Seth Moore was born and raised in NH.  He moved to Montana with his very young family fifteen years ago.  He's been guiding big game, grouse, and fly fishing trips for us for the last ten years.  He is noted for being calm and collected and one of the most patient people on the planet.  He is extremely organized, put together, and has a game plan in place before he even wakes up in the morning.  He is outstanding in the woods and on the water, loves teaching and sharing knowledge about hunting and fly fishing, and first and foremost is a terrific and fun companion.  Seth lives in Yaak, Montana with his wife Mary Beth, their three sons, and dogs.

Linehan Outfitting Hunting Guide Luke Lambert

Luke Lambert

Luke grew up in Washington state, moved to Montana many years ago, and has been guiding big game hunting trips for us for the last seven years.  He is one of most woods savvy guides you'll ever meet.  He's comfortable in all conditions, patience and steady under all circumstances, and eager to teach and offer insight during your entire hunt.  Luke's smile is infectious and he is passionate about guiding.  He lives in Yaak, Montana with his wife Kim, their family and when he's not guiding he's in the woods scouting or covering ground increasing his knowledge.  

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Nate Peltier

Nate was born in Florida but his family moved to Libby, Montana when he was a young boy.  His entire family are passionate hunters and Nate's been hunting and roaming the mountains of the Kootenai National Forest since he was ten years old.  He's been guiding for us for the last six years and he knows the area and the local mountains extremely well and has tremendous intuition about the habits of game species.  Nate is patient, gregarious, easy going, and a loves to help people learn about the area and game during hunts.  Nate lives with his wife and family in Libby, MT

Montana fly fishing guide, fly fishing guide, Kootenai River

Billy Fielding

Billy guided all over Montana before he arrived here five years ago.  He cut his teeth on the Madison river, worked the backcountry in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area, and has tremendous experience in both fishing and hunting.  Immediately you'll notice Billy has that perfect blend of a laid back style mixed with organization and preparedness.  He's thorough, patient, intuitive in his abilities to read water and sniff out fish, is a great coach, and has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh.  Billy lives in Troy throughout the spring, summer, fall and spends his winters guiding in South America.

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Kenlynn Rijken

Kenlynn Rijken is our office assistant and often your first point of contact here at Linehan Outfitting.  She's sharp, focused, and has helped make day to day office work and administrative tasks much more efficient.  For that, we're very thankful.  When she's not here, she can be found cooking, gardening, hunting or otherwise in the woods and with her husband Todd on their stand up jet skis on bodies of water across the state.

Linehan Outfitting master fly tier Tom Ukena

Tom Ukena

Tom Ukena is the Linehan Outfitting chief fly tying officer.  He started fly fishing twenty five years ago.  Shortly after that he made the leap to tying flies and has never looked back.  He fishes a dry fly as well as anyone, supplies Linehan Outfitting with tons of patterns from across the spectrum and is passionate about learning new techniques every time he sits down at his desk.  He's responsible for some unique patterns most notably the Kootenai Hellboy Hopper.  

Linehan Outfitting guest Gerry Bertero with a Trout

Gerry Bertero

Gerry, or G, is the official Linehan Outfitting mascot.  He's been supporting us with his presence so often, and for so many years, there are times we think he might actually have moved in.  He fishes, he hunts, and he's very good at both.  If you happen to see him at a boat ramp while we're rigging up introduce yourself.  He'll share whatever flies are catching fish.

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