Montana whitetail deer hunting season

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The 2020 deer/elk season here at Linehan Outfitting was particularly good.  With two or three easy winters under their belts and very little winter kill the last several years, the deer and elk herds in our area are increasing.

The Linehan Outfitting crew and clients had very good success.  We saw and had opportunities to kill more big, mature bucks this season than we have in many years.  Additionally, the buck to doe ratio was terrific as well.  On any given day guides and guests saw 4-5 bucks.  Not all them were big, but it's important to see young bucks during the season for obvious reasons.  And a good buck to doe ratio means healthy breeding and continued increase in the herd.  

A good buck to doe ratio was also responsible for some great rattling action.  On years when the buck to doe ratio is off, and there are fewer bucks chasing does, rattling and aggressive buck behavior is generally lacking.  This season we had some great rattling sessions and knocked down a couple mature bucks during the process.

The Linehan Outfitting crew also got into more elk this past season than we have in many years as well. Unfortunately that doesn't always translate into bulls on the ground, but it does translate into better elk numbers and bodes well for the 2021 season.  Many days guests had good action with cows and young bulls being seen and we did get fortunate and kill one nice bull.

Our deer/elk combination hunt is one of the best values in the west.  And you can add an over the counter wolf tag to this hunt making it a three species hunt.  And we don't have any trophy fees at all.  You have the tags, we hope you full them.

Based on the success of 2020 Montana big game season here at Linehan Outfitting in Yaak, Montana we are expecting even better seasons in 2021 and 2022.  

We are now booking hunts for 2022 and 2023.  Give us a call anytime if you would like more information on our hunts.  406-295-4872




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