Linehan Outfitting hunting guide Seth Moore and guest with spring black bear | Montana spring bear hunting

Spring black bear hunting season is open here in Montana.  Here are five tips to help your chances of success during your Montana spring bear hunt.

1.  Concentrate on southern exposures.  While bears often den on the north side of ridges and mountains, they will move to the first snow free southern exposures when they decide to come out of hibernation since that's where the food will be.

2. Concentrate on hunting areas with fresh green grass and vegetation.  Spring bears need green grass when they emerge from their dens in order to jump start their gut.  Additionally, grass is really the only consistent food source bears have in the spring as well.

3. Glass, glass, glass.  Good optics are a must when hunting black bears and days are often about setting up with your your scope or binos and spending several hours watching a likely green, grassy park, slope, or mountainside.

4.  Dress in layers.  Spring in Montana can see the weather and the temperatures all over the place.  The most important consideration is to be prepared, dress in layers, and above all, have good foul weather gear for top and bottom.

5.  Don't be in a hurry to shoot!  It's critically important to watch a bear for at least a couple minutes to make absolutely certain it's not a sow with cubs.

6.  In spite of what you may have heard, bear meat is delicious.  Be prepared with game bags and cape your bear quickly to give the meat a chance to cool down as fast as possible during your hike out.

Spring black bear season is open.  Give us a call anytime if you have questions or would like to book a spring bear hunt for 2024 with Linehan Outfitting.  406-295-4872.

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