Tips On Finding More Shed Antlers

Whitetail deer antlers found on a Linehan Outfitting hunting trip

During the late fall and early winter all members of the deer family including moose, elk, whitetail and mule deer drop their antlers in order to conserve much needed energy.  In the spring one of our favorite things to do is go shed hunting.  Here are a few tips that will help improve your chances of finding shed antlers.

1. Hunt for shed antlers in lower elevations.  Generally speaking game herds drop down in elevation during winter months.  Lower elevations offer easier travel, easier living, and less snow for members of the deer family.  This is where the majority of animals will drop their sheds.

2. Cover ground.  Unless you hit the jackpot and find an area where several bucks or bulls have wintered for the most part shed antlers will be spread out across the landscape.  Put on your walking shoes and put in the miles.

3.  Scan the ground.  You don't necessarily have to strain your eyes when looking for shed antlers.  Stick with areas that allow you see a broader area of the forest floor and you'll be surprised how antler tines will pop out.  Look for bone colored objects and keep in mind antlers have a very specific shape.  In the end, they really don't look that much like branches or sticks.

4. Concentrate on south and southwest exposures.  Game will move toward southern aspects during winter months.  Southern aspects offer warmer temperatures and less snow than the northern aspects.  Deer and elk will spend more on southern slopes and typical winter range.  More bucks on southern slopes during winter means more shed antlers on the ground in the spring.

Antler hunting in the spring is a great way to get on the ground.  Keep these items in mind and you will increase your chances of finding more sheds.

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