Blog: Montana Wolf Hunting

Montana wolf hunting usually means more opportunities during early morning hours and late afternoon.  Like most game animals, wolves much prefer to be nocturnal.  They spend a good portion of their waking hours napping and lying around just like Fido does throughout the day.  Here in Montana we can only hunt wolves under standard hunting regulations.  Shooting hours here in Montana are a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset.  There are specific times of the year when you are more likely to find day waking wolves. 

During later February and into March, wolves are breeding here in Montana.  Males, and especially young males, will cover more ground marking their home territory.  This increase in travel will often happen during daylight hour providing more opportunities and chances for success. 

Wolf hunting is not easy here in Montana and wolves are definitely the most difficult trophy to harvest in the lower forty-eight states.  Late February and March are good times to increases odds of success since wolves tend to travel more during that time and are apt to spend more hours up and about during daylight hours. 

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