Blog: Keeping Your Dog Hydrated on Cool Days

bird hunting with dog

During the early part of the upland season and on warmer days we’re all pretty good about keeping our dogs hydrated.  But as the season progresses and daytime temperatures start to drop, it’s easy to forget that your dog still needs water to stay fresh, alert, and to hunt with optimal energy. 

Most dogs are very good at sniffing out water during the day and throughout a hunt.  My English setter Maisy is a master at finding spring seeps here in the woods of northwest Montana that I had no idea existed.  Still, it’s critically important to remain diligent and frequently offer dogs water when daytime temperatures are in the 40s and 30s.   

Here are five obvious signs that your dog may need a stiff drink. 

  1. Heavy panting and a thick pale tongue 

  1. Lethargy 

  1. Lack of desire to hunt later in the day 

  1. Anxiousness and whining 

  1. Drinking urine 

Dogs can get dehydrated and even suffer from heat exhaustion on cooler days especially if they’ve been running hard and the sun is strong.  Keep your hunting partner hydrated and you’ll both have better hunts.  

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