Blog: Montana Spring Fishing

fishers in raft

Spring fishing here in Montana can be terrific.  Below find 3 tips on better fishing success. 

During late March and April and before snow melt really starts Montana rivers can offer some great fishing.  The weather can be iffy but for the most part daytime temperatures are in the 40s-50s and conditions are perfectly good. 

  1. Look for trout in slower currents, off current areas, around structure, in deeper water, and in the tailouts of pools and necessarily in riffles or fast water. 

  1. During the spring trout will lethargic and less apt to be feeding aggressively.  If you're fishing dry flies to rising fish, make sure you get an accurate drift since trout are less likely to travel very far to feed. 

  1. When nymphing, make sure you get the flies down and keep them down.  Trout will be pinned to the bottom in deeper water and pools in order to conserve energy. 

Spring in Montana can offer solid fishing opportunities.  By keeping these three tips in mind, you will increase your success.  Increasing your success will make you smile.  Smiling is good.  You're spouse or partner will also be happy because you're happy.  Go fishing and be happy. 

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