Fly Fishing Suggested Gear List

fly fishing gear

There's nothing more fun than planning a destination fly fishing trip.  And depending on where you're planning on going, you may need to upgrade some gear.  Be careful not to over pack.  With a little thought and preparation you can pack efficiently.  We want you to feel comfortable and have all the proper gear when you arrive for your fishing trip. We have put this suggested gear list together, so you don’t have to think about it.  This list will cover most trout fishing destinations across the globe specifically during the summer months and early fall.



Rod Suggestions:

--Helios 3F--- 9 foot/5 or 6 weight

--Recon 9 foot/5 or 6 weight

Reel Suggestions:

--Mirage LT ll (for 3-5 weight)

--Mirage LT lll (for 5-7 weight)

--Hydros ll (for 3-5 weight)

--Hydros lll (for 5-7 weight)

Wader Suggestions:

--Orvis Pro (offered in sizes and cut for women too)

--Clearwater (offered in kid’s, women’s, men’s sizes)

--Ultralight Convertible

Wading Boot Suggestion:

--PRO Wading Boot (offered with BOA FIT lace system)

--Clearwater Wading Boot

--Ultralight Boots

Line Suggestion

This may well be one of the most important upgrades you can make. Without good line, you don’t get a good drift. Without a good drift, you don’t catch as many fish. If you don’t catch many fish, you end up in some third world country living in a hovel wondering why you traveled to Montana with a lousy line.

--PRO Smooth fly line (floating)

--Hydros fly line (floating)

Rain Gear:

--PRO Wading Jacket (sized for women too)

--Ultralight Storm Jacket and Pants

Leaders and Tippet:

--2 packs of Nylon Super Strong Plus 9 foot/4x

--Spool of 5x Super Strong Plus

--Spool of 5x Mirage


--Carry-It-All (fits rods, reels, fly boxes, etc. and can be easily carried on or checked).

--Orvis Waterproof Backpack (totally waterproof backpack with just the right amount of storage)

Daily Fishing Clothes and Accessories:

--PRO LT Softshell Hoodie (women’s and men’s)

--PRO Insulated Shirt Jacket (men’s only)

--PRO Sun Hoodie (Linehan Outfitting branded women’s and men’s in super cool colors with UPF 50+ sun protection)

--PRO Hybrid Shirt (men’s only with UPF 50+ sun protection)

--PRO Hybrid Hoodie (men’s only with UPF 50+ sun protection)

--PRO Stretch Long Sleeved Shirt (women’s and men’s with UPF 50+ sun protection)

--PRO Sun Skiff Pant (women’s and men’s with UPF 50+ sun protection)

-- Open Air Caster Shirt (women’s and men’s with UPF 40+ sun protection)

-- Jackson Stretch Quick-Dry Pants (women’s and men’s with 40+ sun protection)

-- Drirelease Hoodies


--Reusable water bottle

--polarized sun glasses

This list covers the basics and offers suggested gear and clothing for the hours you'll be spending on the water.  Give a call if you have any questions and click the link at the bottom of the page to head over to our on-line store where you can find all these fine Orvis items listed and more. 406-295-4872.

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