Hunting With Game Cameras

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Game cameras have come along way over the last few years.  Shutter speeds are faster and images and videos are clear and sharp.  Game cameras are also a terrific tool for knowing exactly when game is moving.  This becomes increasingly important if you're interested in a specific buck.

We use game cameras extensively throughout the year.  We place them late in the spring when deer are more apt to have moved out of winter range and back to areas they will frequent during summer and into fall.  This allows for a more accurate idea of where that big buck will be when the hunting season opens.

It's also important to check game cameras frequently.  Staying on top of the time and date of images helps paint a better picture of exactly when and where specific animals are using the area.  Patterning a specific animal becomes easier if you have more accurate information especially during the hunting season.

Game cameras are not overly expensive, are easy to set up, and will help you become a better hunter.

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