Planning Your Hunt

Guides planning the day's hunt

Each day the Linehan Outfitting crew meets pre-dawn to plan the day's hunt.  We discuss the individual needs of guests, what kind of animal they may be hunting, and above all are sure to provide details on where we might be found if someone doesn't return within the allotted time frame after dark.

Whether you're experienced or not, It's always best to communicate to at least one person specifically where you will be hunting during the day.  Providing a spouse, partner, or buddy with information about the general area you intend to cover is just common sense.  Even the most experienced hunters can run into trouble and need help. 

Years ago I got a call at 11:30 from a group of hunters.  One of their partners had not returned to their camp after dark.  They were all experienced but admitted they had not communicated with each other specifically about where each individual was hunting for the day.  Fortunately, they found their buddy's truck so at least were able to generally determine what drainage he had started hunting at first light.  They did what they could for a few hours by shooting location shots from the road but to no avail.  There were no shots heard back from their buddy.  Turns out the lost hunter had ended up on the other side of the mountain.  Mountains are big out here.  He was literally behind a five square mile piece of ground.  Fortunately for everyone, the lost hunter kept his wits and headed down the mountain.  When he hit the bottom and a creek, he knew instinctively that the creek would eventually lead to the river and the main road.  It was a long night for everyone.  At first light, while we were rallying a bigger search party, the lost hunter came walking down the road and all was well.

These days smart phone apps and other electronic navigation devices make hunting and traveling through the woods a heck of a lost easier.  But keep in mind electronics can die, break or fail in other ways.  It's critically important to always have a compass  with you as well.  You can always trust a compass and it will never run out of battery power even when it's freezing cold.

It's common knowledge to plan a hunt and hunt your plan.  What that really means is communicate to at least one other person where you plan on spending your day and stick with the plan unless otherwise noted.

Using a little common sense while planning a hunt will help you hunt better and provide peace of mind to your partners and anyone else involved.

Give us a call anytime if you have questions about hunting or would like to book a hunt with us in the future.  406-295-4872

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