Kootenai River habitat improvemtnt

The Kootenai River continues to improve thanks to the crew at the Libby Dam.

Recently guides, biologists, and Libby Dam/Army Corps of Engineer staff had a meeting on the banks of the Kootenai River to learn about and witness the latest installment in the ongoing introduction of large woody debris to the Kootenai River.

Large woody debris provides critical habitat to fish and invertebrates.  Due to the nature and long history of the Libby Dam, large woody debris has been prevented from entering the main stem of the river.  During the spring and before high water, root wads and dead trees are collected from above the Libby Dam, transported around it, and deposited in the river below the dam.  The logs and root wads will float downstream, hang up on gravel bars, in pools and runs, and improve overall river habitat.

GPS capabilities have been placed in some of the woody debris making it possible for biologists to track the movement of logs.  This will help collect valuable data on the where habitat is most likely needed and how the woody debris is enhancing stream health.

Projects like these are extremely important and are another example of how fortunate we are here on the Kootenai River to have such stellar Army Corps of Engineer and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists.  If you happen to see one of these fine individuals while fishing the Kootenai River this season be sure to thank them for their dedication and hard work.

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