Montana snowpack

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Montana snowpack is building nicely and we couldn't be happier at the moment.

It's only early January and most of the state has or is seeing at least some significant accumulation.  Here in Kootenai River country and the northwest corner, we are in especially good shape and sitting at 113% of average.  What does that mean?  It means that right now we have above average historical snowpack for this date. 

Above average snowpack is always a good thing.  But what's more important is the water content associated with the snowpack.  Water content is actually a different animal and often a bit more difficult to quantify.  The above map actually reflects the snow water equivalent.  Suffice it to say, we're in great shape at the moment.

How does good snowpack translate into good fishing?  If you take a moment to consider where the water comes from on your favorite river, you'll quickly realize it comes from the sky.  Regardless of whether your fishery is a tailwater (below a dam) or a freestone stream (not below a dam) the daily, monthly, and annual water supply comes in the form of rain and snow.  Sure there might be some springs influencing that supply as well but for the most part the vast majority of any river's water comes from the sky.

Good snowpack throughout the winter means strong and steady flows for rivers and streams throughout the summer and fall.  And strong flows mean cooler water, more oxygen, and more habitat for trout.  That equation means healthy trout and generally better fishing.

As I write, we have more snow on the ground on this date than we had all winter last year!  If it keeps building steadily we should be in for a terrific season full of healthy hatches and trout.

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